Skype Arabic Lessons
Skype Arabic Lessons

Skype Arabic Lessons

Practicing a language with a native speaker is one of the most effective ways of learning, and nowadays technology allows us to communicate with people from all over the world via the internet. That’s why we offer the opportunity to take individual Arabic lessons online with Skype tuition.
The Skype sessions are held by Omar and Khaled Nassra, and will use the learning framework of the Nassra Arabic Method- A one of a kind program developed by Omar and Khaled specifically designed to teach students Spoken Arabic. These intensive Skype sessions are ideal for students aiming to quickly learn to have conversations in Arabic, as well as more advanced students looking to perfect their spoken Arabic and identify mistakes.

The duration of the Skype session will be 50 minutes and the cost will be $65(USD)

About the hosts

Omar and Khaled Nassra were the first to create a complete course for learning spoken Arabic, and have 10 years of experience in teaching Arabic. Omar and Khaled have also written several books aiming to help guide beginners through the language learning process including:

About the Nassra Arabic Method

The Nassra Arabic Method is a complete course for learning spoken Arabic, designed by Omar and Khaled Nassra. The Nassra Arabic Method is designed to teach students the most commonly spoken dialects of Arabic, rather than just Modern Standard Arabic. This is essential for students wishing to visit Arabic speaking countries or communicate with Arabic friends or relatives.

So What Makes Skype Tuition So Valuable?

Tuition via Skype, when used in addition to other methods of learning, provides a number of advantages that will have you speaking Arabic confidently in a matter of months. While learning from textbooks and videos is definitely important, talking to a tutor via Skype allows you to ask questions as soon as you think of them, and get them answered in as much detail as you need by a professional. Your tutor will also be able to listen to you and give you tips on improving things such as pronunciation and accent, which is something you can’t do with a textbook.
Through many years of experience in teaching Arabic Omar and Khaled realised that many students learning Modern Standard Arabic were disappointed when they discovered that this version of Arabic is rarely useful in conversation, and so they developed this program specifically to teach students spoken Arabic, allowing them to talk easily in Arabic to native Arabic speakers. When learning to speak Arabic, practicing with a tutor via Skype will be an invaluable opportunity.
Learning via Skype will give you first-hand experience of conversing with an Arabic speaker. This will greatly improve your confidence in speaking Arabic. You will be able to have your questions or uncertainties answered by Khaled or Omar and you will be given tips on how you can improve. The sessions are tailored to suit your needs so that beginners and experienced Arabic speakers alike will be able to get valuable knowledge from these online Arabic lessons.

Please note:

Omar and Khaled can be very busy during peak times so you may be added to a waiting list for Skype tuition.
In order to have a lesson via Skype you will need a computer with internet connection and access to Skype.

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