Colloquial Levantine Arabic Paperback
Colloquial Levantine Arabic Paperback

Colloquial Levantine Arabic Paperback

by Khaled Nassra

Complete Arabic Beginner to Advance Course
Colloquial Levantine Arabic draws on all that experience to offer beginners and established students a user-friendly introduction to speaking Levantine Arabic.

This book is a result of a decade of teaching the Arabic Language to Non-Arabic Speakers. After testing and refining many learning strategies, THIS BOOK WAS BORN.


The Way to Speak Levantine Arabic
If you want to learn to speak and understand everyday Colloquial Levantine spoken Arabic quickly but whilst also giving yourself a strong foundation in the Arabic script, structure and grammar this is the book for you.

  • Having a strong foundation in Colloquial Spoken Arabic, including the written script, will provide an excellent base for you to later focus on Modern Standard Arabic, and in particular Media Arabic.
  • It is the answer to the Students’ age-old dilemma of whether to study Modern Standard Arabic or just colloquial. It will enable you to actually communicate effectively in Arabic across a range of situations.
  • The book is based on learning the Arabic script; the best foundation for learning any type of Arabic, but is focused on ensuring you start conversing quickly and confidently.
    What is Inside the Book.
    • Clear exercises to get you talking quickly Structured explanation of the most commonly used colloquial verbs, phrases and vocabulary
    • Offers a gradual introduction to Arabic grammar, with easy-to-follow explanations.
    • suitable for study at home or in the classroomNassra Arabic Online Site provides a wealth of additional study material author

Khaled Nassra has over 10 years of experience teaching colloquial, Modern Standard, media and business Arabic.

Recent Reviews

“Right, so. I’m a complete beginner when it comes to Arabic. So after a little bit of Googling, it seemed that “Mastering Arabic” was the way to go. So on Day 1, I took it to work with me, and my friend (who is an Arabic speaker) says “nobody speaks like that, that book is pretty much useless unless you want to sound like Shakespeare.”Back to Square One. So I trawl through the internet, and come across ‘Nassra Arabic Method’. Short, easy videos explaining 1 phrase per video. He talks about “not learning Fus-ha (Modern Standard Arabic to us normal folk) but learning what people ACTUALLY speak” Matt

The author introduces phrases and key pieces of vocabulary to get you to start speaking immediately, and slowly introduces grammatical concepts overtime only when they are needed. It contains reference dialogues at the end of the book which are used in everyday situations such as buying items in a shop or having a telephone conversation and phrases which are difficult to come by in other texts but exceptionally important. Fully recommended!
Peter Last