Expert Arabic Tutors – Omar and Khaled Nassra

Omar and Khaled are the founders and directors of London Arabic Tuition. As well as being internationally recognised for teaching formal Arabic tailored to people working within the fields of business, diplomacy and the media, they are pioneers in teaching colloquial Arabic, the version of the language spoken by Arabs.

They offer a highly flexible agile Arabic tuition service; online, face to face, one to one, or in groups. Furthermore, study is supplemented at any time of day or week, with online audio, video and text tuition materials so that busy schedules do not get in the way of learning the language.

Other than their adaptable and flexible approach, why learn to speak Arabic with Omar and Khaled?

The answer to this lies in the brothers having identified the very best methods to teach Arabic. With 10 years experience in teaching Arabic to students from a wide variety of backgrounds, including journalists, business people and Foreign Office diplomats they have proven that their methods work. Their learning methods are used not only to teach students but also train other Arabic tutors and those of other foreign languages. They were the first Arabic tutors to develop a formula for teaching spoken Arabic, making the language more immediately accessible for beginners. So no matter what your background or your reason for learning the language, you’ll learn it faster with them!

Both Khaled’s and Omar’s academic background and therefore their approach is influenced by their studies at the top universities in the field of Arabic Language.

Khaled has degrees in Translation & Interpretation from the University of Damascus and Comparative Literature from Beirut University. Omar has a specialised degree in teaching Arabic as a foreign language from SOAS University.

This knowledge was the foundation for establishing their first language school, Damascus Arabic Tuition in 2004. With a branches in Damascus and Beirut, it provided tuition for foreign professionals, including diplomats, journalists, UN staff as well as university students from all over the world. The courses included Modern Standard (MSA), Media, Business  and colloquial Arabic.

Both brothers concurrently established The Shadow Bookshop, first bookshop in Damascus to focus exclusively on English and Arabic literature which became famous among discerning readers, language students and academics.